Val’s Kid: Civik

Civik is getting air at Get Air Trampoline Park in Harrisburg. “He is an adorable, playful happy 9 year old little boy.” Kimberly Hillman, Adoption Worker said about the three boy who has spent three years in foster care. “It’s been very tough on Civik not to have that forever permanent place and to not feel like this is where you are going to stay forever and to move from house to house knowing where you are going to end up.” said Hillman.

Civik is hoping to finally find his forever family right here in the Midstate. “Brothers, sisters, mom and dad” Civik said. “We are open to all types of families, pets, children,  We would just prefer no younger children.” Hillman said.

Civik’s favorite subject in school is reading. He also wants to learn how hunt one day. He loves sports. “Football. Eagles”  Civik said.

Now Civik needs a team of his own. “My wish for him is to find permanency and to have a family who will love him and accept him just the way he is.” said Hillman.

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