How to buy holiday floral presents without breaking the bank

The holidays is the most popular time of the year to give floral gifts, according to the National Retail Federation.

CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) – The most popular time of the year to give plants or flowers as a gift is for the holiday season. According to the National Retail Federation, 30 percent of all floral presents will be given December alone.

Royer’s Flowers & Gifts has lots of plants, arrangements, and cut flowers you can buy without breaking the bank. You can get a small poinsettia for only $3.99. A cyclamen will cost you $5.99, and a frosty fern is $8.50.

How should you care for your holiday gift? The experts at Royer’s say you should cut the bottom of fresh flowers at an angle so they can better absorb water. Flowers can drink several inches of water a day, so you should make sure a vase is full to the top.

“If the hydrangea or any of your flowers start to droop, if they look sleepy, then they aren’t getting water, something is wrong. If you take it out, recut it, put it right back in the water, it gives it a fresh drink of water, so it will pop back up really, really nice,” said Barry Spengler, Royer’s vice president of operations.

You can make your own floral arrangement and keep it in place by using scotch tape on the vase.

“I call it cheater tape. It makes it easier to put the flowers in the vase,” Spengler said. “Take the tape, put a little grid of tape on the top, generally just put it around the edge, and then do an x or an extra x. It just holds everything as you’re putting it together.”

Many arrangements are put in foam rather than dirt. You should water it in the sink and never on furniture since the water may spill. Put one finger in the arrangement to feel when it’s full. Add water when the arrangement is dry, and check it every other day.

Plants that are given as holiday gifts can last for years if they are cared for properly. Water it thoroughly once a week, and check for dryness in between. You don’t want to leave a plant in holiday wrapping or foil. The water can sit at the bottom of the plant and cause algae to grow. Giving a plant too much water or letting it sit in water can kill it. The plant’s roots also need to breathe.

You can read more tips from Royer’s on how to care for your plants and flowers by clicking here.

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