Sleeping baby finds the perfect, most fluffy pillow

Courtesy of KLFY

(KLFY) – This is that instant captured on film of a baby who is so tired from waiting to see Santa Claus that once the big moment arrived, he curled up on his tummy and fell asleep.

Instead of getting the little one’s parents to wake him up, Santa Claus said he would pretend to be asleep himself and posed for a picture of the pair snoozing. Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!

This image captured the hearts of our KLFY web team and spread lots of festive cheer throughout the newsroom.

Saturday’s Santa Sighting and photo session was sponsored by Unitech Training Academy’s at their annual Jingle Jangle Sneaux Fest.

The event is open to the public until 4 p.m. and features 10 tons of real snow along with carousel rides, a train ride, free candy, face painting, and over 30 custom designed Christmas trees.

A donation of either $5 or a can of dog food is requested to play in the snow.

Mrs. Claus is also on site with milk and cookies for the kids.

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