Outdoors: Gloves

Sooner or later this winter you’re going to be looking for a pair of gloves. Keeping your hands warm on a cold winter’s day definitely helps keep you warm all over.

But if you spend any time outdoors at all, you know that there are times when you need gloves for other reasons as well. One quick look at the glove rack at any outdoor store will show you. There are a lot of different gloves for a lot of different uses.

Concealment – turkey, archery
Orange – safety
Camo – waterfowl
Waterproof – waterfowling, setting and retrieving decoys
Fingerless – cold weather fishing, shooting
Warmth – mittens, fleece

For some folks, hands get colder than others, a long list of factors can contribute. Fortunately today, with modern technologies and such a wide selection, even the coldest days can be tamed.

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