York school teaches computer coding through games

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – The Hour of Code is a global program that teaches kids computer coding and programming through games, and Lincoln Charter School is the only school in the city that’s doing it.

“They’re using all of the skills and they don’t even know they’re using it,” technology teacher Robert Jay said.

The students are using skills including problem solving, math, and critical thinking; and the whole time they just think they’re playing a game.

“For instance, if you have Angry Birds, you make the bird go a certain way to get to the goal. And they have to program that bird to get there by telling it the steps,” Jay said.

Tens of millions of students around the world have jumped on board.

“In today’s society, we need to start preparing students for jobs in coding, engineering, and technology,” Principal Leonard Hart said.

But to the kids, it doesn’t feel like school work.

“It’s fun because kids really enjoy how to figure out what kind of puzzles they are,” fourth grader Shalia Morrison, said.

“They have some control over what they’re doing. They’re not just being told what to do like a normal lesson you’re copying something. They have the control over what’s being done,” Jay said.

“Our charter is written on technology and we make sure that technology is infused in our day to day,” Hart said.

Orientation for Hour of Code ends this week nationally, but leaders at Lincoln Charter School said they plan on incorporating it into their curriculum for the rest of the year.

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