Lawyers reviewing emails for Kane to get up to $880 an hour

Harrisburg – Explicit material isn’t the only questionable thing coming from the “porngate” investigation.

On Friday a contract was made public for lawyers hired by Attorney General Kathleen Kane. It shows at least one lawyer will be paid $880 an hour.

The firm earning that money, which is taxpayer dollars, will search thousands of emails on state servers for x-rated and other offensive content.

“It seems a bit steep to me,” Randall Hayes, who lives in Harrisburg, told ABC 27 News. “I think the issue is that it’s taxpayer to seemingly fund a private defense in a case.”

The money is going to the Washington DC based firm Buckley Sandler.

Earlier this month Kane tapped one of the firm’s partners, former Maryland Attorney, General Doug Gansler, to lead the review of the emails.

There will be five lawyers in all making between $200 to $880 an hour.

“Attorneys come in all prices,” Chuck Ardo, a spokesperson for Kane, said. “Big firms, such as this, get that kind of money. It’s not out of the ordinary for this firm to get that kind of money.”

Ardo told ABC 27 News on Friday that Kane thinks it’s money well spent.

“It absolutely is tax payer money, but the Attorney General believes it’s well worth the investment to restore faith in the judicial system,” Ardo said.

There are those who say, give me a break.

Ronald Payton, who lives in Harrisburg, said the money would be better spent elsewhere.

“They could be fixing the streets or putting brighter lights up everywhere,” he said. “I mean a lot of the streets are dark, a lot of the streets are raggedy. What do they need $900 an hour for?”

Ardo told ABC 27 News that the lawyers still need to take steps to be able to practice law in Pennsylvania, but he said they are taking steps to fix that situation.

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