Order gifts on Cyber Monday? Here’s how to protect your online buys

MIAMISBURG, Ohio (WDTN) – The convenience of online shopping and having gifts delivered right to your door can come at a cost.

Recently, a Police Sargeant in Ohio was told one resident’s deliveries were stolen.

“It’s not common but it does happen. It’s an opportunity for people who want to do that sort of thing to get something. So we just want to minimize any chance someone might have to lose merchandise especially this time of year when you’re buying gifts for people,” said Jon Thompson.

On Cyber Monday last month, shoppers spent more than $3 billion online.

Germantown resident, Jessica Wafzig says she knows the risks of leaving packages out in the open and that’s why she usually asks friends or family to pick it up before someone else does.

“I just think someone who’s doing it is very desperate for money or for Christmas presents themselves so they’re not really thinking about how they’re hurting the family they’re stealing from,” said Wafzig.

Sgt. Thompson says for the most part thieves exchange whatever’s inside for cash.

To prevent your deliveries from being stolen, he suggests having them shipped to where you are, not where are aren’t. As in, if you’re at work during the day have packages sent there. As well as considering other options:

–Tell the driver where to place them, behind a door, or in the backyard.
–Sign up for email alerts to notify you when your delivery is in.
–Have your neighbors bring them in.

“Let them know, hey you have a package, would you like me to pick it up for you. Just leave it out and unattended for the shortest amount of time possible,” Thompson says.

Authorities also want to remind those physically shopping in stores to lock their cars and to not have any gift items visible inside for thieves to easily break in and take.

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