Cumulus Media: Dining Deck of Deals

Denny and Sue from the WINK Wake-Up Show on WINK 104 paid a visit to our studio today with a very exciting deal. Their Dining Deck of Deals can truly save you hundreds on diverse dining experiences.

Dining Deck of Deals – Great gift idea for yourself or someone on your gift list. It makes a great stocking stuffer.

You can trade cards with friends and co-workers and enjoy your favorite restaurant a second time.  Your whole family can enjoy can this gift.

-Save $10.00 at 52 Harrisburg Area restaurants.

-$520.00 in savings

-$49.00 – if you use just five (5) cards in the deck you will have paid for your investment.

Each deck contains 52 cards with different restaurants and gets you $10 off of any purchase of $30 or more.

Visit to make your purchase or learn more about the deal.

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