Update on former Masland and Carlisle Tire and Wheel sites

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) – It was May 2012 when the old Masland plant went up in flames. ABC 27 News checked in several times since then, but not much had changed. Now, more than three-and-a-half years later, the property is finally cleaned up.

“We hope that they understand that something like this can’t happen overnight,” said Mike Garland, Carlisle Events spokesperson. “Maybe it hasn’t moved along as fast as they have wanted it to, but it has moved along at a respectable pace. We’ve gone from rubble 18 months ago to a level lot here.”

Garland said there’s still a lot to do.

“A lot of the boring stuff, the unsexy work; the paperwork, the permits, the meetings, all of that jazz,” Garland said.

There are lots of rumors flying around about what’ll be built there.

“I’ve heard rumors that they’re going to put townhouses up at this end, and I heard a casino going down at the other end; a hotel, a restaurant, and a mini mall,” said Bryon Hench, who lives beside the site.

Garland said they are trying to get the land rezoned from industrial to a mix of residential and business. Garland would not relinquish specifics.

As for the old Carlisle Tire and Wheel site, it’s also ready for construction.

“It’s going to be redeveloped into housing, not sure exactly what kind of housing, but housing,” borough manager Matthew Candland said. He also said there will be some office space.

Both properties are part of a larger plan to revitalize Carlisle.

“What once was a vibrant job-producing property is no longer, and I think they want to restore that and bring back a vibrancy to the community that’s missing right now,” Candland said.

It could be a few years until the plans come to fruition.

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