Save Money on Driveway Repair

Repaving your driveway is expensive. You can save by repairing potholes yourself with a driveway patch kit. Consumer Reports just tested seven that their manufacturers claim are easy to use, permanent, and instantly ready for traffic.

Consumer Reports created shallow boxes as stand-ins for potholes, then filled them as instructed. After driving over them repeatedly, five of the products didn’t hold up, spilling out of the sides. And two months later, some of the patches still hadn’t hardened.

A professional paving company using hot asphalt will give you the longest-lasting results. But Consumer Reports did find two good do-it-yourself options.

Sakrete U.S. Cold Patch Permanent Pothole Repair is fairly strong for about $12.
Even better — Aquaphalt Permanent Pothole Repair for $30 to $40. Unlike the others, with Aquaphalt, you need to use water to activate the coating before you compact it. But it was immediately stronger than any of the other products.

If you’re going to repair a pothole in your driveway, Consumer Reports says make sure to remove any loose material and sweep the area clean before you apply a pot-hole filler. Once you fill the hole, level it off, then overfill it a bit before you tamp it down to account for compression.

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