Police: Keep an eye on your deliveries

(WHTM) – It may be the season of giving, but some see it as the perfect opportunity for taking.

A lot of us order holiday presents online and have them delivered to our homes. If you’re not careful, you could be sending your packages right into the hands of a thief.

“Somebody following a UPS or a postal service employee,” said Chief Frank Williamson with the Lower Allen Township police Department. “Hey, I saw a package delivered, go up ring the doorbell, no one’s home, they pocket the package.”

It can happen fast.

“By 5:30 the package was delivered. And at 5:32 we know is when he stole the package,” said Williamson.

To keep that from happening, Williamson said you should customize your delivery.

“Sign up for notifications for when the package is shipped. That’ll give you a good idea of when the package is going to be there,” said Williamson. “If you’re not going to be home, contact the shipper and see if you can change the delivery time on it.”

You can also change the delivery location.

“You can customize when you can have the package delivered or have it delivered to another location,” said Williamson. “Some employers may allow you to have them delivered to work where you know you’re going to be at if you’re not going to be home. Try to customize the delivery.”

Another way to make sure you get your package is to request a signature.

“When you sign up and buy the product, you can require a signature at time of delivery, that way you know you have it,” said Williamson.

Even if your package arrives safe and sound, Williamson said thieves can still strike.

“With so many packages being delivered and people having gifts in their houses and everything else, you run the risk of some burglaries where people ring the doorbell, they make it look like they’re coming up and doing something,” said Williamson. “If somebody rings the doorbell and you don’t know who’s out there and you’re home, don’t answer it and give us a call.”

You can also have your package shipped to a FedEx or UPS store and schedule a time to go pick it up.

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