Penn Waste: Busiest recycling season

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – During the holiday season, leaders at Penn Waste see a 25 percent increase in recycling material, and they said it’s a good thing.

“We are extremely busy,” Amanda Davidson, Director of Communications at Penn Waste, said. “You can see just from our facility how much recycling there is that we are pulling out of the waste stream.”

The facility opened back in February. By the of the year, they’ll process about 95,000 tons of recycled material. In 2014, they only processed 81,000 tons.

“All of those materials are being reused. They’re not going to landfill and they’re not going to an incinerator,” Davidson said.

The recyclables are dropped off at the tipping floor. The material is pushed into a pit, then fed into a metering bin where it gets separated into a single layer. Workers hand sort through the material to get rid of anything not recyclable. Eventually everything is sorted before being made into a bail.

“People don’t know what is recyclable,” Davidson said.

They accept items like plastics, cardboard, paper board, cartons, aluminum, and metals.

“Some of the things we don’t want are Christmas lights, plastic bags, garden hoses, anything that will get wrapped up in our machineries,” Davidson said.

But make no mistake; the more the better.

“If you run out of room in your bin, you can also use a clear plastic bag to put your recyclables in. You can place that out on the curb as well,” Davidson said.

Leaders at Penn Waste expect operations to go back to normal by the end of January.

For more information on what you can and cannot recycle click here.

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