Employees and Good Samaritan hold robbery suspect until police arrive

NEW CUMBERLAND, Pa. (WHTM) – Keith Andrew Livingston, 28, of New Cumberland is facing robbery charges.

Police say he walked into the New China restaurant in the Cedar Cliff Mall on Carlisle Road around 12:30 p.m. Friday and ordered an egg roll. According to police when the cashier asked him to pay, Livingston demanded the money out of the register. When the cashier hesitated police say Livingston told her he had a gun. The cashier yelled for help and two employees ran out and grabbed a hold of Livingston.

Livingston was dragged out the front door of the restaurant by employees. A Good Samaritan, who was sitting outside Gullifty’s, saw the  men struggling and helped hold Livingston until police arrived.

“He {Livingston} had his hands in his pockets I didn’t know if he did or didn’t have a gun at that point, so we were all real tense for a few moments and then I just felt a sense peace come around us as he kind of broke down,” said Thad Eisenhower, helped hold suspect.

“Everybody is ok, no one is hurt and we got the bad guy,” said Ling Zheng, manager, New China.

Zheng’s wife was the cashier that called out for help.

“We have got to keep the community safe and keep those people out of here,” said Zheng.

Police say when they arrived at the scene, Livingston was sitting on a bench outside of the restaurant waiting for them.

“In this situation, those people stepping in, helped out. It was tremendous. You do it at your own personal risk and each individual has to make that assessment as to whether or not they want to take that risk,” said Chief Frank Williamson, Lower Allen Township Police Department.

Police say Livingston did not have a gun. Police did find a hypodermic needle. Livingston is in Cumberland County Prison charged with robbery and drug paraphernalia.

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