One year after Medard Kowalski vanished his name lives on

Medard Kowalski
Medard Kowalski

(WHTM) – Monday, December 1 marked one year since the disappearance of Medard Kowalski. The 17-year-old was last seen canoeing on the Susquehanna River. His body was found three months later.

Medard may be gone, but his name will live on.

About seven years ago, a bunch of teenagers started meeting at Saundra Colello’s house.

“Just doing positive things together,” said Saundra Colello, Medard’s House Founder. “It kind of grew, and grew, and grew.”

“Kind of goofing off, too, and having a good time,” said Susan Kowalski, Medard’s mom. “Just being kids because that’s what they are and that keeps them strong.”

They not only grew stronger, they grew in size.

“When you have 30 or 40 of them showing up it’s like, where do they go,” said Colello. “So they have a desire to do stuff positive and to be together, but we need a facility to facilitate that. So that’s why we decided to start this project.”

It’s a non-profit, faith-based project called “Medard’s House.”

“When Medard passed away, his parents were gracious enough to allow us to honor him by naming this project after him because he was a part of this youth group,” said Colello.

Susan Kowalski is already a volunteer. She said the goal is simple.

“He reached out to everybody so the mission is to continue with that,” said Kowalski. “Just to give them that guidance and direction they need and just love and feeling good.”

“His favorite saying was, ‘If not you, who? If not now, when?'” said Colello.

That’s why Medard’s House will be open to all high school kids in the West Shore School District, hopefully by Mid-march.

“We’re gonna do there what we did here. We’re just gonna do positive things together,” said Colello.

They have yet to purchase a new building because they’re still fundraising

For more information visit

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