Kane says sexist, racist emails “intolerable on her watch”

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced Tuesday that she’s hired a special investigative team to look into what she calls “racist, misogynistic, homophobic and religiously offensive” emails shared by high ranking state employees.

“To me that is intolerable I will not will not allow it on my watch no matter how long that watch lasts,” said Kane

Kane appointed former Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler to lead the team in the independent investigation. The investigators will look for violations of Pennsylvania’s criminal, civil or ethics law.

“We are there to look at the facts and only the facts and wherever they take us. We are going to start with the servers that are at the Office of the Attorney General. We do not have any expectation to go past those but if the facts lead us to some place beyond that we will,” said Doug Gansler, special prosecutor.

“We have reached a point in Pennsylvania where some government leaders have lost their sense of dignity, of duty and of civility,” said Kane. “No African American should walk into a courtroom where the judge or prosecutor or defense attorney mocks or ridicules them behind a closed network because of the color of their skin. No woman should go to work and be subjected to consistent treatment of disgusting indignity by women haters because they were born with one less body part, which the last I heard does not contain any extra brain cells.”

Kane is awaiting trial on charges she leaked grand jury secrets to a reporter and lied about it. The state Senate committee voted to start the process to remove Kane from office who has been working with a suspended law license for over one month.


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