Local college taking food for fines

ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) – The bins inside the Campus Security building at Elizabethtown College aren’t as full as the school’s security director Andrew Powell would like them to be.

Through the end of the semester, students can donate food instead of shelling out cash for parking tickets.

“We have about 100 tickets that are outstanding,” Powell said. “We’re hoping to not have enough room in here to walk around with all the donations.”

The idea springs for a city in Kentucky that does something similar.

“I think it’s a great way to engage with the community,” Powell told ABC 27 News.

The campus security department will take 10 nonperishable items for a $20 fine and 20 items for a $50 fine, which Powell said adds to the incentive to use food for a fine.

“We were very conscious about that when we developed the system,” he said. “The donation is less than the amount of the fine, but still we’ll be able to contribute a lot to the food bank.”

The food donated will go to the Community Cupboard of Elizabethtown.

Deb Jones, director of the Community Cupboard of Elizabethtown, said she’s excited about the potential boost from the program.

“To select us as the means to give the products to is just incredible,” she said.

Typically, the money from the fines would go back to the college.

Powell said the school is willing to deal with loss as long as it’s helping those in need.

“I think it goes back to the college’s mission that we’re educating students to engage in their community,” Powell told ABC 27 News. “This is just another way to do that.”

The school is also taking toiletries. Powell said the pantry also prefers crackers and peanut butter.

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