Deer rifle hunting season kicks off in Pennsylvania

(WHTM) – More than 750,000 people across the state will hit the woods for the two week rifle season and this year hunters will have a little bit of help.

Thousands are gearing up for one thing.

“With the expectation of taking a deer,” Outdoor expert Kermit Henning said.

But not everybody is going to get one, and that’s okay.

“But it’s the idea of being out there. It’s a big deal for fathers and sons and grandsons. This has been a tradition for years and years and if you get a deer that’s a bonus,” Henning said.

But this year if you see a green and yellow sign with “Deer Hunter Focus Areas” written on it, your chances could be a little better.

“The deer are concentrated in these areas so they’re pointing hunters to these areas to get more success,” Henning said.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has posted them in 35 sections of state game lands.

“Where they have harvested trees and the new growth is coming back and they’re trying to manage that new growth to get more deer in there,” Henning said.

The goal is to thin out deer herd, and restore forest and vegetation, and hopefully some spirits too.

“Year after year after year if you go and you don’t get anything you kind of get discouraged especially if you take a youngster and he wants to see a deer at least. These are areas where you can have more success and perhaps get more interest and get more hunters back into the ranks,” Henning said.

You can find all of the deer hunter focus areas by clicking here.

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