BeBalanced Centers: Fight holiday stress with exercise and hormone balancing

As we enter the Holiday season it can be normal to experience a stress overload!

Ongoing and acute stress is a huge culprit as to why women cannot maintain a healthy weight and in turn develop additional symptoms of a hormonal imbalance like lack of sleep, mood swings, depression and more.BeBalanced Logo

At BeBalanced Centers, they have helped over 5000 women balance their hormones. These women now feel energetic and have a positive outlook in life, sleep better and are losing the stubborn weight an average of 20lbs per month.

“Our 8 week program has many facets that when put together are able to reset the metabolism as well as relieve many other symptoms at the same time.  It is truly fulfilling to be able to work every day in a job where you actually can empower women by helping them change how they look and feel as well as their overall health!” exclaims Paget Rhee, natural hormone specialist at BeBalanced Centers.

To learn more, visit their website or call 717-673-7046.

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