Harrisburg police investigating two Friday night homicides

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Police in Harrisburg are investigating two homicides, both happened Friday night.

Investigators say a shooting took place near the corner of 5th and Radnor streets. When police arrived, they found shell casings on the street, but the victim was gone.

Captain Gabe Olivera says the victim was rushed to the hospital by friends or family.

“We received a second call that there had been an accident along front street,” said Olivera, “After the accident, they continued to the hospital, where the victim was pronounced dead upon arrival.”

Investigators were called to 17th and Derry streets a short time after the first shooting where witnesses say a man who ran a club for young people at a warehouse, was shot and killed.

Chantze Davis works at the club. He says the victim was his boss.

“We were scheduled to have a rap battle, with a $500 prize,” said Davis, “He was setting up with two employees, and somehow he got shot.”

Harrisburg police have not released any suspect information regarding both incidents. Anyone with information should contact police.


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