BeBalanced Centers: Weight loss before the holidays

Why do we wait until January to focus on healthy goals?  BeBalanced Centers are helping women to do it differently this year and see immediate success in their healthy goals including weight loss before the holidays even begin! BeBalanced Logo

Dawn Cutillo Joined us today with some insight on why we tend to gain weight over the holiday season.

“Even though there has been some misinformation that people gain 5-10 pounds over the holiday, that number is a bit high. But we do get really bloated due to an increase in sugar and alcohol, the worst carbohydrates, and often look and feel like we gained that much!  Plus whatever people gain, especially women over 40, they simply cannot lose in Jan by conventional methods so it can keep adding up which is scary, carbohydrate has the word “hydrate” in it and it means fill with water—so at the very least we are boated and swelled and so not feel good in that holiday dress,” explains Dawn.

“This is due to two main hormone imbalances that are even more prevalent around the holidays because they are connected to excess sugar/carbs/alcohol –which we always consume more of– and extra stress to “get it all done”! Shopping, cooking etc.  There is even extra stress of feelings that come up this time of the year due to loss of a pet or loved one for the first year for the holidays!”

BeBalanced is promoting their “Big Little Black Dress” contest to encourage weight loss during the holiday season. For more information, visit their website or call 717-673-7046.


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