Author Spotlight: J.M. West

On today’s Author Spotlight, J.M. West joined us with her third and final book in the Carlisle Crimes Case series, Darkness at First Light. Darkness at First Light

The book’s synopsis is as follows:

After finding a corpse lashed to the cannon in front of the Molly Pitcher statue in the Ashland (Old Carlisle) Cemetery, Homicide Detectives Christopher Snow and Erin McCoy, Savage and Fields, return to investigate the macabre site when Mac receives an Amber Alert call for her and K-9 Officer Shadow. In time, the squad learns the cases are connected to Revolutionary War Re-enactors staging the Battle of Monmouth, in which Molly Pitcher manned her husband’s cannon when he fell, injured.

Before the day is done, they discover the kidnapping is tied to a local drug and porn ring, which involves the FBI. What will they find?

“This one has a historical setting. Getting the historical background of Molly Pitcher’s role and contribution to the Battle on Monmouth was challenging. Darkness at First Light also reveals conflict between the main characters with the responsibility of a baby; tempers flare, and the damage and fallout of crime affects the families and community—as in real life,” West explains.

To purchase this third edition to J.M. West’s Carlisle Crime Case series, visit or call at 717-254-7274.

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