Protest held in support for and against Syrian refugees

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Dozens of protesters – some for, others against the placement of Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS – lined up along Front Street in front of the Governor’s Mansion on Saturday.

Governor Wolf has made it clear that he supports placing refugees in Pennsylvania.

Zuhra Korkutovic was a refugee. She and her family fled Bosnia after the genocide in 2000.

“I grew up here. I’ve been here since the age of 9, so Pennsylvania is home for me. I only went back to Bosnia once,” she said.

But many protesters believe the Syrian refugees pose a threat.

“There are so many of them and they are here sneaking in our country. Like I said, murdering, raping, and we have no idea of knowing who is who,” said Jane Taylor Toal, who protested against refugees.

“They’re just trying to get out of the war zone that they’re in and come to America in hopes they can find a better future,” Korkutovic said.

Supporters of Governor Wolf’s decision to accept Syrian refugees believe those people only want a better life; an opportunity to attend college, work hard, and make choices.

“They think these refugees are bad people, but they’re really not,” Korkutovic said.

“I have a heart for the good ones. Like a lot of people adjacent to me, I’m sure they’re not a danger to us, but many of them are and we have no idea who they are,” Taylor Toal said.

“What if it was refugees from another country? Would it make a difference? Sometimes I wonder,” Korkutovic said.

Not all protesters believe refugees pose a threat but say veterans and homeless people should be taken care of first. There is no federal law banning refugees from coming to the United States or from moving state to state.

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