Thrifty Thursday: Thanksgiving Table-Scapes For Less

Thanksgiving is next week and we all want to table to look as wonderful as the food will taste. But you don’t need to break the bank to set a beautiful table scape. Here are several ideas that will stand alone or combine them to make our own festive table.untitled 3

Sarah Mock, blogger for joined us today with some tips and tricks for decorating your dining room this Thanksgiving:

Floating cranberries. ($2)

Fill cylinders, glass hurricanes or bowls with water and cranberries. Add a floating candle if you have one. There are four chambers of air in each cranberry that enables them to float.

Dried beans and corn: ($1)

Find glass cylinders at the Dollar store . Mix up your dried beans with dried lentils, pastas and dried corn.  (we can assemble one of these on air)

Cinnamon Sticks around a candle. ($2.50)

Lite a candle and let the warmth of the flame warm the cinnamon sticks to add a wonderful fall fragrance to the room.

Wrap a piece of paper around the candle before hot gluing the cinnamon sticks to the candle? Why? The hot glue melts the candle and the cinnamon stick will not stick.

Pumpkins made with canning rings (free!)

String canning rings on a piece of ribbon or string and tie them in a circle. Attach cinnamon sticks with hot glue.

For more ideas that won’t break the bank, watch our clip or visit

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