Jury convicts woman who claimed she left children alone to go to AA meeting

Angela Marie Jones

EPHRATA, Pa. (WHTM) – It took just 20 minutes for a jury to convict an Ephrata woman who claimed she left her children home alone to attend an AA meeting.

Angela Marie Jones, 29, was convicted Tuesday on three counts of endangering children.

According to authorities, in 2014, Jones left her 1, 3, and 6-year-old home alone. A neighbor later found Jones’ 3-year-old crying outside.

After Jones returned about an hour later, she told police she was at an AA meeting and left her kids with a baby sitter for 5 minutes.

An officer on scene knew Jones lied because he had arrived at the home about 20 minutes prior.

The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office says this was the second time in three years Jones was convicted of endangering her children.

In 2012, Jones pleaded to dangling her infant daughter over a second-floor balcony while fighting with her child’s father.

Jones is facing a 9-to-16-month prison term on each of the three counts of child endangerment.

Judge Jeffery Wright will order a sentence.

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