CO residents left with aftermath of first major snow storm

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM) — The first major snow storm for Southern Colorado brought in a snow day for some, but for others, it was time for a major clean up.

“The slush is just kind of like an illusion. Underneath it is a slick black, ice rink,” Cherise Backman, a concerned resident.

Residents living near Woodman and Tutt were trapped in their neighborhood before a path outside was dug out.

“The wind comes through here at such a great rate that it piles up, and it piles what four, five foot drifts. It gets pretty bad,” said James Volk a long time resident of the neighborhood.

Many chose to not send their kids to school Wednesday because of the poor driving conditions, the worst many have seen in the area.

“When school gets out at 3:15, to have all the other drivers and parents out on the road, trying to get home, as well as the slick roads,” Backman said.

“I’m not gonna have them walk through that to get to a bus stop. That’s pretty deep over there,” Volk said.

One mother is worried about emergency access for her child with special needs.

“I can’t even get nurses in my house because of this. And a nurse’s car is still stuck,” said Becky Phipps, a mother to a nine-year-old.

The west and south central side of Colorado Springs also saw major aftereffects of the storm with trees and power lines brought down by the strong winds, leaving the city to pick up the pieces.

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