Youth figure skaters aim for national stage

HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) – Figure Skating, like any other sport, requires a great deal of discipline, and athleticism.

But for 12 year old skaters Reagan Scott, and Zachary Yaninek, to reach the next level in their burgeoning careers, artistry is the key.

“When I do a routine, I try to be the character in that routine, and follow that character and be who they are.”

The pair are preparing for the Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships, the final qualifying round for National competition.

When it’s time for Zachary to hit the ice and go, ‘Into Darkness’ as he will with his Star Trek themed routine, he has to personify the role.

“Judges say to the kids if you are playing your program and your program goes off we want to know what you’re skating to,” says Doris Papenfuss, Zachary’s coach, “If the music should go off, he has to remain in his character the whole entire time.”

The same for Reagan, who’s bright and bubbly personality is at the forefront of her “Cotton Eyed Joe” theme.

“I smile a lot in my program because it’s a very energetic program.”

Most figure skaters get their start in local, smaller rinks. Fortunately for Reagan and Zachary they get to train here inside Giant Center which can seat up to 10,000 people. As the two move up in the careers, the bigger the competition, the bigger the arena.

“If you get to Nationals it’s going to be in an arena like this. It’ll fit 10,000 people and you have to get used to that feeling.”


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