ISIS claims bomb hidden in soda can took down Russian airliner

ISIS claims this is an image of the bomb that brought down a Russian airliner in late October over Egypt. (Obtained by ABC News)

A new image has surfaced online of the bomb, hidden in a soda can, that ISIS claims was responsible for downing a Russian airliner over Egypt late last month, killing more than 200 people.

The image, included in the latest issues of an ISIS magazine, shows a soda can and what explosives experts told ABC News are a blasting cap and an electric initiator. The ISIS magazine said the image showed “the IED [improvised explosive device] used to bring down the Russian airliner.”

The magazine’s publication comes just a day after top Russian officials announced that they had concluded a bomb had taken down the plane. An ISIS affiliate in Egypt claimed responsibility for the tragedy just hours after the plane crashed.

The two explosives experts said that based on the photo, the bomb may have been detonated by someone physically on the plane. The ISIS magazine only said it was “smuggled” aboard.

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