Re-Bath & More: Last minute renovating for the holidays

Within the next few months, you may be expecting to host any number of holiday events. With little time for a full remodeling, what can be done to beautify a bathroom right before the holidays? Jon Witmer of Re-Bath and More joined us with another of his beautiful bathroom models to showcase just how beautiful your bathroom can be in preparation for any holiday guests. 2014_ReBath_ParadeHome_03

“At this point it’s too late to plan and install a full remodel,” tells Witmer.

“There are a few simple things that you can do that will make a big difference and get you through the holidays.  One of the biggest improvements you can make is a new coat of paint.  Many homeowners can tackle that themselves, and if not, getting a professional in your home to paint the bathroom won’t break the bank.

“Another inexpensive option is update the mirror.  A larger, more stylish mirror will reflect more light and make the bathroom seem brighter and more inviting.  And speaking of making the room brighter, simply upgrading the lighting fixture will also brighten things up and add a touch of style.”

For more of Jon’s insight to a fresher bathroom look, watch our video or visit


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