Millersville students studying in Paris share experience in terror attacks

(WHTM) – Two Millersville students were caught in the chaos of Friday’s terror attacks in Paris.

For Caitlyn Bodron and Andrew Schrom the plan for studying abroad in Paris was to immerse themselves in foreign culture.

“That’s something I didn’t see coming. It’s a totally different hand that I’ve been dealt,” said Caitlyn.

The Millersville University seniors recall being in the stadium for the France, Germany soccer match Friday night.

Both heard the loud explosions but thought it was just part of the Paris fanfare.

“In fact I think the crowd cheered a little bit. Because people thought it was fireworks or canons” both recalled.

Once the two got on the streets they say it just didn’t feel right.

“Everybody started freaking out. But everybody started swarming towards us,” Andrew explained.

The two caught tidbits of news on television until they finally reached their apartment. There Caitlyn finally got in touch with family back home in Lebanon County.

“I can’t even describe that moment to you when the blue Skype screen turned into their faces. Because we all just like fell apart together.”

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