York to decrease taxes by 1 percent next year

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Leaders will discuss the city’s proposed budget for next year on Tuesday. It’s been several years since York has raised its taxes. City leaders plan to decrease taxes next year.

Taxes are expected to decrease by one percent in 2016.

“Which would be wonderful. That’s wonderful,” Council president Carol Hill-Evans said.

The decrease would mean $250,000 in lost revenue. The proposed cuts continue in future years. The tax reduction would be two percent in 2017, four percent in 2018, and eight percent in 2019.

Where is the decrease coming from? How can this be sustainable? What does one percent mean for taxpayers? Council is hoping for answers when the budget is presented next week.

“We can’t just let things stay the way they are because if they do, we’ll be worse than we’ve ever been before. We’ll be in such a hole,” Hill-Evans said.

According to state Representative Kevin Schreiber (D-York), Mayor Kim Bracey presented a tight budget last year, saying they needed considerable concessions from the public safety unions or 30 officers would be cut. It helped, but some positions were still let go.

“Ultimately, the City of York has cut through the fat and meat and they are through the bone into the marrow. There is nothing else left to cut,” Schreiber said.

Council doesn’t want to cut any more positions. They don’t want to add any either. They are banking on help from the state.

Council must pass a budget by December 31.

Business administrator Michael Doweary said there could be a problem in the 2019 budget. He’s projecting a deficit of $1.3 million. Council remains optimistic.


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