Restaurant Report: Mouse droppings, flies, and pink slime

The most recent round of restaurant inspections from the Department of Agriculture show out-of-compliance violations in York and Cumberland Counties.

Bombay Junction in Silver Spring Township topped the list with 16 violations. The restaurant was found to be non-compliant for the third time this year. A few years ago, the restaurant closed and re-opened due to cockroaches.

This time, inspectors found fruit fly-like insects “too numerous to count” at Bombay Junction around the floor drains. Food contact surfaces were not clean to sight and touch, and eye medication was stored with food in the refrigerator.

M.O.M.S. restaurant in Hanover had 15 violations, including mouse-like droppings in the storage area, fly-like insects near the mop sink, and old debris built up on the counter.

Overbrook Cafe in York had 13 violations. Plastic gloves were stored under toxic chemicals, pink slime was found in the ice machine, food employee certification was expired, and inspectors found built-up residue on the food slicer.

Abc27 called all three restaurants and did not receive an immediate response.

Restaurants with no violations include The Vault Pizza and Grill in York, All About Brownies in York, Big Apple Bagels in Shrewsbury, Ho-Wah Restaurant in Lemoyne, and South Side Deli in Carlisle.

The Department of Agriculture has a complete list of restaurant inspections at this site:

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