Creature Feature Friday: Meet Max the Bunny!

Today we were joined by Michele Leaman-Potteiger, Shelter Manager at Bunny People. She introduced us to Max, a 3 year old lop rabbit with quite the back story. 2015 Bunny Photos 932

“Max came to us and had been very badly neglected.  He is 3 years old and his nails had never been trimmed.  They were over an inch too long and curled down and wrapped back up around his feet.  He could not hop properly and his feet did not touch the ground properly.  He was infested with fleas.  He had a lot of missing fur and his head was covered with fleas, flea eggs and flea dirt.  He had an eye infection and was also anemic due to the large number of fleas he had.  He had to be hospitalized and quarantined for a week and received multiple medications and baths to get rid of the fleas.  Many dog and cat flea treatments cannot be used on rabbits.  You must consult a rabbit savvy vet to find out how to safely treat a rabbit with fleas.   We want to thank Dr. Sarsfield, Dr. Balmer and the vet techs at Animal Hospital of Dauphin County for their care of Max and all our other rabbits over the years,” tells Michele.

“We will be at the York Reptile and Pet Expo in Memorial Hall at the York Fairgrounds on Saturday November 14th  9 am – 5 pm and we will be taking photos of both pets and children with Santa all day as well as having baked goods and pet items available for purchase.  We will also be taking photos with Santa at Tractor Supply on route 22 Harrisburg on December 19th 10 am – 3pm.”

For more information, visit their website or call 717-469-0125



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