Hockey game supports Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors

Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, Inc. supports veterans and families who need emergency financial assistance across the state.

Concentrated fans packed the York City Ice Arena to watch the York Devils Bantam AA team take on the Lancaster Firebirds. But the game is not as important to these teams.

“When you look at the big picture, there’s other fights that need to be fought,” Garrett Schultz, York Devils Coach, said.

Schultz wants his players to remember more than just plays.

“That there is something bigger our there than themselves and when they come to play every day or whatever they do, go to school they should always keep in mind their problems aren’t that big,” Schultz said.

All of the money raised tonight will go toward Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, Inc. and help veterans who need it the most. Schultz is on active duty in the Army National Guard. The organization hits home for him and now his players.

“Not a lot of people focus on the people serving the country and I honestly think that needs to change and benefits like this and making charities and fundraisers for it helps,” Frankie Williamson, a player, said.

More than 80 percent of the money helps with housing and utilities.

“Believe me when they’re facing an eviction notice or shut off notice for their basic utilities, the fact that we can step in and take care of that means a whole heck of a lot,” Gordon Weith, vice president of Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors Inc. said.

The money is important, but for many folks they’re just happy someone still notices.

“It just means that they’re not forgot about. Especially the men and women that went over there and aren’t as fortunate as us that have been there and came back unscathed,” Sgt. James Shultz, in the U.S. Army, said.

The York Devils didn’t gain another win tonight for the season. The final score was 3-3, but they gained something more important: respect.

“We’re very proud to have young men and women that age recognize the veterans who have gone before them to serve in this country,” Weith said.

The team ended up raising about $4,000.

For information about Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, Inc. click here.

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