First Aid First Friday: Baby Safety

Becoming a new parent can be scary enough without thinking of all the different ways an infant can be sick or injured. On Today’s First Aid Friday, we’ll try to calm fears by going over ways to keep newborns safe and what to do with a newborn in an emergency.  jpg Cumberland Goodwill logo

“Problems with infants are generally a result of airway issues. These unexpected deaths include Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or ‘SIDS’, which is due to a yet-unknown cause, suffocation which can be due to the environment, and choking. Luckily the same prevention strategies for SIDs also help with suffocation, which really look at sleep strategies as a method to reduce the risk of harm,” describes Nathan Harig, assistant Chief of Cumberland Goodwill EMS.

“Babies sleeping on their backs on firm, hard mattresses in safety cribs with no soft objects in their sleep area that could could cause suffocations are at the lowest risk for these events. Also, while it’s recommended that you have the infant’s sleep area next to the parents, it’s recommended not to sleep with the child in your bed. Through rolling or normal sleep movement, adults sleeping with infants on them or next to them can cause the infant to suffocate.”

For more information, visit or call (717) 249-0012.


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