Dr. Elena Farrell: Cataracts and treatments

Dr. Elena Farrell joined us in the studio to discuss cataracts, what they are, what they look like, symptoms, and how one knows when it is time to have surgery.

What is a cataract? A cataract is clouding, yellowing, and thickening to the natural lens of the eye. Symptoms include blurriness, a lack of defined vision, and glaring sunlight. There is a surgical procedure that can clear the cataract from the eye if things become too difficult.

“Basically a cataract is like a grape with transparent skin surrounding the pulp. We make a circular opening on the top part of the skin and then remove that skin. Then we remove the pulp completely, leaving the skin. The skin serves as an envelope to hold the implant. There is no stitch. The skin holds the implant in place and scars around the implant so it stays in place,” describes Dr. Farrell.

For additional information, call 717-652-4924 or visit Dr. Farrell’s website.



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