Thaddeus Stevens College: Welding skills in high demand

Due to an overwhelming demand by industry, Thaddeus Stevens College will begin an accelerated 17-month Associate Degree in Metal Fabrication & Welding Technology in January 2016.Print

“Really any person interested in a hands-on career is ideal for this program. Specifically, individuals who are unemployed or underemployed are ideal for the January start date. We realize there are a lot of people with four-year degrees who are not working in the field while trying to pay for huge student loan debts. This program allows students to get a degree, hopefully be placed in a career immediately,” tells Chad Baker.

“Right now, there is an expected 16% growth in sheet metal workers in the nation. This equates to roughly 5000 job opening in this field by 2022. Sheet metal is just one of the areas where graduates can work. They may be able to find employment in HVAC sheet metal duct system fabrication, welding, industrial maintenance, industrial ventilation fabrication and installation plus much more. The thing to keep in mind is from an industrial stand point, there is a need for a lot of different types of fabricating and welding workers. The food industry, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing and more are in high need of these jobs.”

If you or someone you know may be interested in the college’s program, learn more by visiting their website or calling 1-800-842-3832.

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