Author Spotlight: Anne Deeter Gallaher

Today we spoke with author Anne Deeter Gallaher, CEO/Owner, Deeter Gallaher Group LLC, about her book The Future Belongs to Students in High Gear. This practical guide for young people is a call to arms for big ideas, passionate workers, and an energized economy. And it demonstrates the unbridled capabilities of collaboration between students, colleges, and the business community.Anne 4

The book synopsis is as follows:

“Are you one of the 21 million US students enrolled in postsecondary institutions? We need you in high gear! You form the foundation of the knowledge economy. Your choices, ambitions, and opportunities will determine career success and life purpose. In this small window of discovery, business owners Amy and Anne define the path to high gear and weave powerful insights from every stakeholder: students, professors, deans, University presidents, parents, and employers. Whether you’re a senior in high school considering the value of a college investment, a recent graduate navigating the interview process, or a professor wanting to imbue high gear employable skills, Students in High Gear is fuel for success.”

Her book is available on Amazon. To learn more about Anne or her book, visit

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