Poll: Carson overtakes Trump, Rubio on the rise

WASHINGTON (MEDIA GENERAL) – For the second time in a week, a new national poll shows retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson with a national lead above all GOP candidates, including Donald Trump.

In the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, Carson sits at 29 percent support nationally compared to the Trump’s 23 percent. The latest poll is the most recent data to showcase the GOP race following last Wednesday’s controversial CNBC debate in Boulder, Colorado. Since the debate last week, some campaigns have demanded new guidelines to ensure future debates are more tightly controlled to a candidate’s preferences.

Rubio, Cruz, and Bush Fight for Third

The poll, first released on Monday, shows Florida Sen. Marco Rubio with a growing lead in national standings. The freshman Senator received an endorsement from fellow freshman Senator Cory Gardener (R-Colo.) helping to boost the possibility Rubio could become the next front runner.

Jeb Bush, who’s debate performance was widely panned by critics, continues to struggle to see a boost in his national standing. On Monday, at events hosted across Florida, the former Governor essentially tried to re-introduce himself to voters with less than 100 days to go until Iowa and New Hampshire votes. Even Bush’s campaign manager is expecting the poll numbers to remain relatively flat in the short term.

Where the Field Stands:

Carson: 29%
Trump: 23%
Rubio: 11%
Cruz: 10%
Bush: 8%
Fiorina: 3%
Kasich: 3%
Huckabee: 3%
Christie: 3%
Paul: 2%

Poll was conducted from October 25-29th of 400 GOP primary voters according to NBC/Wall Street Journal.




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