Windows shot out by BB guns, Harrisburg police say

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Police are investigating numerous reports of teens shooting at Allison Hill homes and cars with pellet and paintball guns.

William Sweets said he had to take his van to the shop Monday morning after he discovered his back window shattered. He and several other residents of the 500 block of South 16th Street had smashed windows and other damage, presumably caused by youths with BB guns.

Sweets said he had to pay $110 out of his pocket to pay for the broken window.

“I’m living on a budget plan,,” Sweets said. “You just can’t give money out to nobody.”

Police said they were unable to catch anyone over the weekend. Captain Gabriel Olivera said even though BB guns are not considered deadly weapons, they can cause harm and fatalities when used improperly.

“They could actually harm somebody,” Olivera said. “Not intending to…they can kill somebody or maim somebody.”

Olivera said he investigated an incident years ago where a young teen was struck by a BB in the chest and died.

Police urged parents to take away the perceived toys.

Sweets said he has another idea for dealing with rowdy teens.

“I know how these kids are today,” Sweets said. “They need a little more discipline.”

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