Jury seated in police officer’s murder trial, opening statements Tuesday

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Day two of jury selection in the Lisa Mearkle murder trial wrapped up before 1:00 pm. Monday.

The final 6 jurors were seated and two alternates were chosen.

Jurors seated on Friday:

Juror 1 – a single mother of three from Millersburg

Juror 2 – male who works as an engineer and is a Penn State Graduate

Juror 3 – male who is a researcher for Hershey Medical Center and is an immigrant from India who has lived in the U.S for 29 years

Juror 4 – male who does confidential work for the government

Juror 5 – male who is a supervisor for UPS

Juror 6 – male retired for 8 years who lives in the Hummelstown area


Jurors seated on Monday:

Juror 7 – man from Harrisburg who works as fiscal analyst for the Department of Revenue

Juror 8 – man who works as a fire safety inspector and has previously served on a jury

Juror 9 – man from the Hershey area who works as a sales representative for HP

Juror 10 – woman from Harrisburg who works as a sign language interpreter

Juror 11 – man from Harrisburg who works as an administrator for the state

Juror 12 – woman from Harrisburg

Investigators say Mearkle, shot David Kassick, 59, in the back after he fled a traffic stop near Hummelstown in February. Mearkle said it was self defense because she thought Kassick was reaching for a weapon. She is facing several charges. The most serious charge is third degree murder.

“Murder of the third degrees carries a maximum of 40 years, so the most by law she could receive would be a 20 to 40 year sentence,” said Johnny Baer, senior deputy district attorney for Dauphin County.

About half of the jury is from the Harrisburg area, but they testified they did not know the details of the case.

The shooting was captured on a camera attached to Mearkle’s taser. The prosecution plans on showing that video the first day of the trial.

“The centerpiece of this case always was and will be the video and it is just about 2 minutes long, so the most critical piece of evidence is about 2 minutes of viewing time,” said Baer.

Opening statements will begin at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday in Courtroom 3 at the Dauphin County Courthouse.

Mearkle has been suspended from the Hummelstown Police Department.


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