Hampden Township residents at odds over feral cats

CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) – The claws are coming out over feral cats in Cumberland County. It has some residents asking Hampden Township commissioners to take action.

In the Country Club Park section of Hampden Township, you can find people walking their dogs. Along Little Run Road, you can also find feral cats.

“It’s a problem that’s been going on at least five, six years,” said Richard Ebeling, who is leading the charge. “Last count, there’s like 20.”

Ebeling and others asked township commissioners to step in and create an ordinance “that says if you fed feral cats you could be subject to a fine. Very simple,” said Ebeling.

“Good people help homeless animals. That’s what we’ve done and now we’re being punished for it,” said Diane Wright, who said the feral cats are not a problem.

“We haven’t had kittens in four years,” according to Wright. That’s when she says the cats were trapped, neutered and released.

Ebeling said that is not good enough.

“Illogical to me. Trap them, take them away, find homes for them,” said Ebeling, who is concerned about the mess the cats leave behind.

“Feces in the yard, under that tree, over here in front of the rocks, up close to the house,” Ebeling said.

“Yes, they do poo. All animals poo outside, but you deal with it. If there’s a problem, you deal with it,” Wright said. “I have to clean my car all the time because of the birds. You deal with it.”

Township officials are looking into the issue.

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