Dogs displaced during Hurricane Joaquin looking for homes in the Midstate

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Hurricane Joaquin pounded South Carolina earlier in October. Flooding didn’t just affect people. Animals lost their homes.

Almost a dozen dogs that survived the storm are waiting to start a new life in the Midstate.

Stonewall is a two-year-old Beagle mix. His journey began far from Lancaster County and includes a harrowing tale of survival.

“When the floods had come up, they basically said that the animals had nowhere to go,” said Susan Martin, executive director at the Lancaster County SPCA.

“These guys faced some terrible things and were terrified the whole time they were down there,” said Jen Nields, operations manager at the Lancaster County SPCA.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare, an organization that helps animals during disasters, brought them to the Lancaster County SPCA.

“We ran right down there and started unloading them,” Nields said. “Everybody really needed to pee, but they were all happy and great.”

Stonewall and Elvis, an 11-month-old Foxhound mix, are ready to be adopted.

“He’s a very young boy to experience what he’s experienced,” Nields said.

The group also includes a Foxhound mix known as Momma, who pulled her five two-week-old puppies out of the floodwater. They will be up for adoption in about three weeks. Two other dogs have already been adopted.

“It definitely touches your heart a little deeper when they come from a situation such as the one that Stonewall came from,” Nields said. “The fact that they survived floodwaters and rapids and especially Momma with her puppies, rescuing them all out of the rapids, it kind of gives you a sense of accomplishment.”

“It’s good when you can take a dog that’s been displaced, probably from a great life, due to a disaster, find it a new home, and give it a second chance,” Martin said. “There’s no better feeling in the world.”

From floodwaters to the Lancaster County SPCA, Stonewall, Elvis, and Momma and her puppies are looking for his forever home and a new leash on life.


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