Attorney: Grand jury leak should free Sandusky

Convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky, 71, in court Thursday for an appeal hearing told the media, “my talking will be done in the courtroom.”

His new attorney filed an appeal under the Post Conviction Relief Act.

“We are hopeful there will be a dismissal in this case,” said Alexander Lindsay, Sandusky’s attorney.

A small group of supporters wearing “Justice for Jerry” buttons called the media “jackals” and blamed them for contributing to Sandusky’s conviction.

“This case is unique. This case has a situation where there is millions of dollars incentivizing lies,” said John Ziegler, Justice for Jerry. “All of you {the media} have blown the biggest story of your careers, because you were afraid of contradicting a narrative that made you lots of money.”

Lindsay argues Sandusky’s trial was rushed and his previous attornies were not competent.

“There are many grounds to reverse this conviction,” said Lindsay.

The argument getting the most attention is potential grand jury abuse. A supreme court judge as well as the attorney general’s office, are accused of leaking grand jury secrets to the media about Sandusky’s case.

Kathleen Kane released a statement in which she claims Judge Barry Feudale’s overriding concern “was how to leak sealed supreme court documents without getting caught.”

After seeing that statement, Judge John Cleland, who is presiding over Sandusky’s appeal, ordered Kane to provide him with evidence backing her claim by 10 a.m. Wednesday.

“I think he is saying put up or shut up,” said Lindsay. “In other words you are saying these things are there, I want to hear it, I want to hear exactly what you are referring to.”

If it is true, Sandusky could be free.

“When there is prosecutorial abuse, the remedy is to dismiss the charges it does not have anything to do with the credibility of those witnesses,” said Lindsay.

“I think that is a really startling happening today and I am guessing people are at home right now feeling pretty worried,” said Kristen Houser, chief public affairs officer, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape.


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