Shrinking waistlines and improved moods: BeBalanced Centers

Rachel Farzin is a Hormone Balancing Specialist at BeBalanced in Harrisburg as well as a client who spoke to many benefits of Natural Hormone Balancing – including improved sleep and mood. Rachel also lost more than 55 pounds through becoming balanced shop

Farzin always joked that she never had trouble gaining weight but also never had trouble losing it. When she went to college she gained weight but when she went home for summers she could easily lose it. She gained weight with each of her children, but could lose it until her third child was born. Farzin found that not only could she not lose weight easily by doing the things she had done in the past, but she was steadily gaining weight while also not sleeping and feeling depressed.

Farzin completed four months of weight loss with BeBalanced and lost 55 pounds, began sleeping better, experienced more even moods and no longer battled with the pre-menopausal “temperature changes” she was having prior to beginning BeBalanced.

BeBalanced guides women through a Natural Hormone Balance that will assist them in losing stubborn weight and improving other quality of life issues.

BeBalanced Centers
484 Royer Drive
(717) 569-3040

Olde Liberty Square
4813 Jonestown Rd.
(717) 673-7046

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