Goose Calling

(WHTM) – With long seasons and generous bag limits, Canada goose hunting in Pennsylvania offers the sportsmen plenty of opportunities afield.

Geese have an intricate system of calls and expert callers mimic these sounds to bring them into range. But even the novice caller can successfully bring geese into their decoys by using a few basic calls that are easy to learn.

Choosing a goose call can be daunting. With hundreds of calls by countless manufacturers, how do you know which call is right for you.

Maintaining your call, so it closely mimics the actual sound of a goose, is also important, but easy to do.

The excitement that comes from getting these big, loud, raucous birds to respond to your own calling and make a beeline to your spread is hard to match. With a good call and lots of practice, you’ll soon be hooked.

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