Author Spotlight: Mae Clair’s ‘Myth and Magic’

Author Mae Clair of Hummelstown appeared in a Good Day PA Author Spotlight to promote “Myth and Magic,” her fifth novel. Clair described the book as “a romantic suspense/mystery novel centered around strange occurrences taking place at a secluded corporate retreat.”

As a child, Caith Breckwood enjoyed playing games of myth, magic and mMyth And Magic-highresonsters with friends Trask and Veronica Kent. Then one day the monsters became real. He and Trask were kidnapped, their abductors seeking the ransom Caith would fetch as the son of a rich businessman. Caith survived the grisly ordeal, but Trask did not, leaving him with a deeply rooted sense of guilt and fear of loss.

Lately, a few guests have claimed to see apparitions roaming the hallways or hear sobbing late at night. There have also been mechanical failures at the lodge and some recreational mishaps. Breckwood is hired to investigate, but the job requires him to return to his hometown. To make it worse, the property is managed by Veronica Kent, the only woman he ever loved, but left.

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