Lancaster company paving the way in virtual reality

In a community workspace in Lancaster, you will find one of the cutting edge companies in virtual reality: Greenfish Labs Inc.

“I would say 90 percent of people do not know what it is and have not experienced it,” said Sovanna Mam, the company’s president and co-founder.

“In this area, we are the only ones that are doing this,” said Ben Duffey, Greenfish Labs CEO.

The company is transporting people to different places with virtual reality video.

“We want people to be immersed in an environment,” Mam said.

With the help of a virtual reality headset, you can get 360-degree views. Users have the ability to look up, down and even behind them.

“We take multiple cameras, anywhere from 6 to as high 12, positioned in a specific geometric position,” Mam said.

“We have perfected certain techniques or even created our own techniques in what we call virtual reality stitching, where you combine all the videos together to create that immersive environment,” Duffey said.

The founders want to expand virtual reality beyond video games and use it in other settings like the classroom, real estate and even tourism.

Not even a year old, the tech start-up is already getting some attention.

“We are in a lot of talks with high profile clients that I can’t really talk about just yet,” Mam said.

“It feels great. I really love the fact we are working with something brand new and we are paving the way. We are the trail blazers for this technology for this area,” said Duffey. “Virtual realty is going to change the way people view media and that is our goal, to be at the forefront of that.”

Tune into ABC 27 tomorrow at 5 and 6 to see how Greenfish Labs is using virtual reality to help a Harrisburg non-profit.

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