Making Strides 5K brings thousands to City Island to fight breast cancer

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A 5K in Harrisburg Saturday morning brought thousands to City Island to help fight the ongoing battle with breast cancer.

“We came to be a part today,” said Candace Robinson, a 10-year survivor of breast cancer. She came to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K with her sister, York Mayor Kim Bracey.

“It gives everyone hope,” said Robyn Blumling of Hershey. “That’s what we need.”

“To see this sea of pink is just absolutely inspiring,” added Jenna Lawson, co-chair of the event and a survivor herself. “Makes me cry a little bit.”

As a drum line helped lead the walk, thousands marched to the same beat.

Shirley Penn has made the walk every year since the 5K was introduced. “My aunt battled it for about nine years,” she said. “And then it finally got her.”

Penn’s neighbor is fighting it now.

The Blumlings, too, come every year, in from Hershey. “It really is like a sisterhood,” Robyn Blumling said.

“And husbandhood, too,” she added with a laugh as she walked next to her husband, Bob.

Cheerleaders from several Midstate schools lined the paths, chanting encouragement to the survivors and supporters.

Whether it was for herself, himself, a family member, a friend, or even a stranger, everyone walked for someone Saturday.

“We’re here celebrating ten years of being a survivor for me, and to celebrate with all the other ladies,” Robinson said.

They also raised money for those who can’t yet say they’re cancer-free, estimating as much as $900,000, most of it staying in the Midstate, Lawson said.

It was Penn’s first time using a cane on the walk; that means it might be her last. The march, around City Island, across the pedestrian bridge, through Riverfront Park, and back again, took its toll.

“If I can still walk (next year), I probably will,” she said.

She’s taking her own advice.

“You got to have the attitude of never giving up,” she said.

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