Will Paul Ryan run for Speaker of the House?

WASHINGTON (Media General) – It’s been one week and we are still waiting to hear if Rep. Paul Ryan will run for Speaker of the House.

His office has already said multiple times Ryan will not run for the position, but that has not stopped the immense pressure from Republicans.

Both Speaker John Boehner and his former running mate Mitt Romney have reportedly asked him to run.

The 45-year-old Republican went home to Janesville, Wis., to see his family while Congress is in recess until Tuesday.

According to staff and his fellow lawmakers, Ryan’s concerned about losing time with his family to fulfill the work traditionally involved with being Speaker of the House. The job requires a lot of travel and fundraising for candidates across the country.

Around 10 other candidates from various states have floated the idea of running if Ryan announces, again, he’s not interested in the job.

A final answer is expected next week.

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