Sweet, Halloween fun arrives at The Hershey Story

Halloween at The Hershey Story Museum has arrived offering sweet fun for families. In the Chocolate Lab, children and adults can participate in Chocolate Cobweb Creations where they create a creepy Halloween spider web using white and milk chocolate, topping it off with a dark chocolate spider. At the Build a Batty Bar, participants mold their own chocolate bar and then customize it with a choice of Halloween-themed and traditional candy ingredients.

12-Final_ProductAlso at the Museum is Black Cat Alley. Children may use vintage Hershey’s advertising art to create their own mini Halloween character to use as a pin or decoration. There is also the opportunity to craft a Halloween spider web. For a great Halloween photo opportunity, children are encouraged to come dressed in their favorite costume and pose in front of a vintage Hershey’s advertising backdrop.

Black_Cat_Alley_2014_Hershey_Story-2Five dollars covers admission to all activities. Dates and times vary, so visit HersheyStory.org or call (717) 534-8939 for specific information.

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